To click or not to click, or how to build awareness about behavior online


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One of the largest problem we face in and about cyber security is human error. By many investigations it came out that internal data breach goes even till 81,6 % (investigation by Verzion).

This shows how important it is to make employees at hospitals/companies aware of the importance of both good cyber security and their good and sensible behavior online at the workplace.

I will explain how we can reach the employee to be open and want to learn more about good behavior online.

The basic training with few rules from and for IT department will bring the awareness on higher level, so we can eliminate the ability of the bad and average criminal hackers to harm the company and everyone in there.

Jelena Milosevic

My name is Jelena Milosevic, an extremely curious nurse, in love in math and tech ( believe it or not), finding correlations between the subjects that most people doesn’t see. I can be proud that because of my curiosity, willing to learn and my activity, I get the part of I am the Cavalry group ( @iamthecavalry ) and belong to the network of Women in cyber security ( WICS - @WomenInCyber)