Vulnswatch: Managing known vulnerabilities in a product


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New vulnerabilities come at astonishing rate of hundreds per day. Some of them get fixed without even being acknowledged. Tracking for known vulnerabilities in a product can be a daunting task. In this presentation I’ll explain how genua deals with this task keeping high-security products fixed asap. I’ll showcase an open-source tool we’ve built internally for this reason and teach you how to use it too!

Zaur Molotnikov

Zaur has finished his university in 2009 getting a degree in applied mathematics and informatics. Correctness has always been an interesting subject for him. Moving to Munich and studying at TUM has moved the focus towards security. Zaur works now at genua gmbh as a ‘security guy’, the company builds network equipment for German state agencies and Telecom. Besides that Zaur is one of the OWASP authors taking care of Rails Security Cheat Sheet.