Improving the data privacy within IOT networks


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The emergence of IOT in several domains such as smart cities, smart health, smart home, and smart vehicles… has become an important task for several researches. However, data integrity and privacy while exchanging data, still remain an important issue for IOT networks. In fact, several researches were conducted in order to protect IOT devices and datasets from different kinds of cyber-attacks mainly on man-in-the-middle, DDOS…, which are classified as critical attacks and compromise IOT networks. In this presentation, we will discuss the well-known methods to protect IOT networks mainly IDS/IPS, Blockchain and pen testing. Furthermore, we will focus on different proposed protection methods [1, 2] to ensure data integrity and privacy safeguard. In addition, we observe among the available technologies to ensure data security of IOT that the Blockchain technology has a potential to ensure data integrity and availability, whereas the pen testing IOT has benefits mainly to protect against some threats such as man-in-the-middle attack. Keywords: IOT networks, Blockchain, pen testing, cyber-attacks in IOT, Intrusion Detection System, Intrusion Prevention System


  • [1] Mandrita Banerjee, Junghee Lee and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, “A Blockchain Future to Internet of Things Security: A Position Paper”
  • [2] Ali Dorri, Salil S. Kanhere, Raja Jurdak and Praveen Gauravaram, “Blockchain for IOT Security and Privacy: The Case Study of a Smart Home

Samar Belhassine

I am a student at the engineering school Polytechnique Sousse Tunisia. I study engineering in the fields of networks and telecommunications. I already have a Bachelor degree in Computer Networks from Isitcom Hamem Sousse Tunisia College. I studied in College many subjects such as IT Security, network administration, web development, mobile networks… During my studies, I did four internship. One by an electricity Company STEG in Tunisia. I discovered electric networks. During the second one, I developed a web and android application in Technoweb Company. While in the third training in Tunisie Telecom, I helped by the maintenance of ADSL lines. During the last internship that I did it in TAV Airports, I helped the IOT department by the configuration of Switches and routers.