Social Engineering and Emerging Multimedia Technologies


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The development of social engineering and the damages it has already caused, followed by the most commonly used strategies as well as the tools that are readily available and their impacts. Next, upcoming technologies will be discussed and their implications from a social engineering standpoint analyzed. Finally, protection and countering measures will be touched upon.

Carl Schoeller

Currently I am an 11th grade student at the Munich International School. My interest in technology has been a constant companion throughout my life: whether it was scratch “coding” in 5th grade, simple servo control with arduino or experimenting with Kali Linux, the applications of and innovations in tech have always intrigued me. Recently I have discovered 3D design and use Fusion360 or Solidworks almost on a daily basis to keep the 3D printer in my basement at full capacity utilization. The incredibly diverse applications of AI fascinate me and make me closely follow advancements in the field.