The Hacker's Guide To Perception


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When we’re talking and thinking about security, we very often have a rather fixed mindset and keep using what we think are proven methods. We tend not to question our decisions and thoughts, and the way how our brains work reaffirms our biases and sometimes mediocre choices. It seems that the one person who is constantly confusing you with Jedi mind tricks is, very often, yourself.

In this talk we take a closer look at how we are thinking, and how we can change or expand this as well as our perception, by hacking into our own brains in order to get a better picture of what we really want and need. Being able to creatively think in new ways can be a vital new asset for blue and red teams.

Stefan Hager

Having started with computers and starting to be puzzled by reality in the 80s, Stefan started out as a programmer in the early 90s. Since 2000 he has been securing networks and computers for various enterprises in Germany and Scotland.

His main focus nowadays is threat research, raising security awareness and discussing new ideas concerning threat mitigation. When not trying to do any of the stuff mentioned above, he is either travelling, procrastinating or trying to beat some hacking challenge.